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Tattoo artists
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tattoo artists
Meet the team and check out their work...
Giada has been tattooing since 2017 and specialises in geometric, dot work, floral and ornamental tattoos. Her style ranges from delicate fine lines to bold designs. She takes inspiration from different artists, nature and ancient cultures.
Maibri has been tattooing since 2018 and specialises in fine line, floral and ornamental tattoos. Delicate florals and ornamental designs are her favourite to tattoo.
Tattoo Aftercare
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Having a new tattoo means the skin on the surface is broken. There is a risk of infection; to minimise the chance of infection please treat your new tattoo as a wound and follow this advice:

1. Keep the dressing applied by the tattoo artist for a minimum of 2 hours unless  advised otherwise. After removing the dressing, gently wash your new tattoo using lukewarm water with or without a neutral anti-bacterial soap. Gently pat it dry with soft, clean tissue. DO NOT rub or scratch!

2. Apply the moisturising cream recommended by your tattoo artist at least 3 times a day for the first 14 days. This will protect the skin from drying, reduce scabbing and itchiness. Usually after 2 weeks the scabbing should have been replaced by “silver” skin and your tattoo should be healed within 2 more weeks.

3. Avoid touching your tattoo unnecessarily. Wash and dry your hands before and after touching your tattoo. DO NOT pick or scratch! ONLY use skin products recommended by your tattoo artist.

4. Shower rather than bathe. DO NOT swim, use saunas, steam baths or sunbeds until your new tattoo is fully healed. DO NOT expose your new tattoo directly to sunlight. Wear loose cotton clothing to minimise rubbing and irritation. ALWAYS keep your new tattoo covered when in a dusty or dirty environment. Please follow our aftercare instructions to ensure a good looking, well-healed piercing! If not followed infection may occur.

Signs of infection are:

- SWELLING and REDNESS that increases
- A severe BURNING
and THROBBING sensation
- Increased TENDERNESS and increasingly PAINFUL to touch
- An unusual DISCHARGE (yellow or green) with an offensive SMELL

Speak to your tattoo artist or seek medical advice immediately if you suffer from any of the above or have any signs of allergic reaction to prod
ucts used. If you have any questions and they will advise you if there are any signs of adverse reaction of infection. Please contact us if you have any further queries using the details provided above.
Tattoo T&Cs
terms & conditions (tattoo)
A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is taken to book a date and draw the design. The amount will vary depending on the cost of the tattoo. NO design can be made without a deposit. This deposit will cover the cost of drawing the design and any cancellations.
If the design has not yet been started and the cancellation is made 2 weeks before the appointment, you may be refunded. In case you decide to change the full design you initially agreed to, a NEW deposit needs to be paid. Small changes can be made without an extra charge. You need to provide at least 24HR NOTICE if you want to reschedule your booking, otherwise you will lose your deposit. Arriving late for your appointment may result in additional charges. Arriving 20+ min late will VOID your appointment and your deposit will be LOST. Rude behaviour or misconduct is NOT tolerated and the tattoo artist has the right to refusal, meaning your deposit will be lost.
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