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How can I get a quote for a tattoo?

You can either come by the studio to talk with an artist, email us or use our online tattoo booking form. Make sure you include details of the size, placement and attach any designs or reference images you may have.

What does the cost of a tattoo depend on?

Studio minimum is £80. The price will depend on the size, detail, colour, placement and the amount of time it will take to complete.

How do I secure an appointment?

Start the process now by using our online tattoo booking form. Alternatively you can come by the studio to check our availability. Your appointment will only be secured once a deposit has been paid. 

What methods of payment are available at the studio?

Tattoos and consultations are a cash-only service, tattoo aftercare products can be purchased using card or cash.

Are deposits refundable?

Deposits are non-refundable, however if you are unable to make your appointment and give at least 48 hours notice we will move your appointment to another date.

Is there a charge for consultations?

We offer consultations free of charge! Once you have spoken to the artist and wish to book, a deposit will be needed to secure your appointment. The deposit amount will be dependant on the final quote.


Do you accept walk-ins?

We operate solely on a walk-in basis and accept walk-in piercings 7 days a week. Click here to check our opening and piercing hours.

What kind of ID should I bring with me?

Please bring a valid government-issued photographic ID with you such as your passport or driving license. We do not accept photos or copies. Piercings for children under the age of 16 require the presence of a parent or legal guardian, and valid photographic ID for the child attending. Failure to bring valid ID to your appointment will lead to refusal of service. Click here to see the minimum ages for each piercing.

What kind of jewellery do you pierce with?

We only pierce with titanium as it has no nickel or trace impurities which may cause irritation.

Can I get pierced with my own jewellery?

We must use our own jewellery as the material is integral to the success of the piercing and healing process. The jewellery we pierce with is professionally cleaned and sterilised. Jewellery that you bring with you may not meet these requirements.

How much will my piercing cost?

Piercings start from £30, click here to see all piercing prices. All prices include basic jewellery, upgrades are available.

What methods of payment are available at the studio?

All piercings and services are a cash-only service. Jewellery and aftercare products can be purchased with card or cash.

How do I get my free service?

You are entitled to 1 free service per piercing when you return with the aftercare card given at your appointment.

I've lost my aftercare card, can I still get my free service?

We require the physical aftercare card to redeem the free service - without it, you'll need to pay the standard rate which can be found here.

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