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piercing bookings


For piercing bookings we operate on a walk-in basis. To book an appointment make sure to bring your ID and a parent or legal guardian if you are under the age of 16.


Monday - Saturday: 11am - 6pm

Sunday: 11am - 5pm



261 Portobello Road, W11 1LR, London

Phone: +44 207 2431619


Meet the team and check out their work...
Marzia has been piercing for 4 years and specialises in a range of ear piercings including Industrial, Helix, Daith and Rook.
Piercing Aftercare
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Please take good care and follow these instructions to ensure a good looking, well-healed piercing.

It is important that you keep your new piercing DRY for the  first 24 HOURS. It is important that you clean with saline solution ONLY ONCE A DAY. We recommend using  our saline solution spray.

Once you are pierced please be aware that there might be slight swelling or scarring. Rarely some piercings may reject or grow out, this only affects very few people. Please be patient as healing times will vary for each person. During the healing process DO NOT play, touch, rub or pick your piercing. ALWAYS make sure your hands are clean before touching a piercing. NEVER use surgical spirit, hydrogen peroxide or similar for cleaning. DO NOT remove jewellery when cleaning. AVOID swimming, saunas and jacuzzis for the first week. If you have any concerns or queries do not hesitate to contact us. Please follow our aftercare instructions to ensure a good looking, well-healed piercing! If not followed infection may occur.

Signs of infection are:

- SWELLING and REDNESS that increases
- A severe BURNING and THROBBING sensation
- Increased TENDERNESS and increasingly PAINFUL to touch
- An unusual DISCHARGE (yellow or green) with an offensive SMELL

Speak to your practitioner or seek medical advice immediately if you suffer from any of the above or have any signs of allergic reaction to products used and if you have any questions and they will advise you if there are any signs of adverse reaction of infection. Please contact us if you h
ave any further queries using the details provided above.
Ear pirecings are much easier to clean after a wash or shower. Use a saline solution once a day and just leave to dry. Be careful when using cosmetics and perfumes which may irritate your piercing. Be careful not to snag your piercing when brushing your hair or attending a hairdresser. Try to avoid sleeping on your piercing.
Nose and septum piercings are much easier to clean after a wash or shower. Use a saline solution once a day and just leave to dry. For nose piercings, we recommend that you use a plaster when you go to bed to to prevent your piercing from falling out. Be cautious when applying cosmetics near the piercing area.
Navel and nipple piercings can be the hardest to heal due to irritation and lack of air circulation. Any crust formation on the jewellery should be removed by soaking with warm water. Once this is done then the piercing should be cleaned well with saline solution and allowed to dry. Be careful with your clothing, try not to snag or rub your piercing as this is the most common cause of irritation. Try to avoid any extreme exercise and sleeping on your stomach.
Look after your mouth piercing by rinsing your mouth with a alcohol-free antibacterial mouthwash or salt water. It should be used after you eat, drink or smoke. Tongue piercings can swell which is perfectly normal, the jewellery you will have been pierced with is large enough to allow for this. The swelling will start reducing within a few days. Sucking on ice will help reduce the swelling. The tongue is covered in a very thin natural healing agent called peptide which will aid the process. For lip piercings, the external part of your piercing should be cleaned using saline solution only. For the first few days eating may be difficult. We suggest you do not eat crunchy, spicy or very hot food. Start with soft foods and then work your way up to harder foods. We recommend you use a new toothbrush as your old one may harbour bacteria.
Be aware that due to eyebrow piercings being close to the bone it is possible for bruising to occur. Use a saline solution once a day and just leave to dry. Caution should be taken not to snag your piercing with clothing, when brushing your hair or attending a hairdresser. Try to avoid sleeping on your piercing.
healing times
Septum, tongue, smiley, web:
4 - 6 weeks
Ear lobe, lip:
6 - 8 weeks
Industrial, eyebrow, bridge:
2 - 4 months
Helix, conch, rook, tragus, daith, midi, snug, nose:
3 - 6 months
Nipple, Navel:
6 - 9 months
Piercing T & Cs
terms & conditions (PIERCING)
All piercing fees are paid BEFORE your appointment. The piercing fee is not a deposit and is NOT refundable. This fee covers both the piercing and the jewellery. We will NOT pierce you with any jewellery other than that provided by us, due to the sterilsation process. Payments for jewellery may be made using card or cash, however piercing is a cash-only service. ALL clients must provide photographic ID to book their appointment. Appointments booked for children under the age of 16 require the presence of a parent or legal guardian, and valid government-issued photo ID for the child who is attending the appointment. Failure to bring photographic ID to your appointment will lead to a refusal of service. You are entitled to 1 FREE service per piercing when you return with the aftercare card given at your appointment. Rude behaviour or misconduct is NOT tolerated and staff have the right to refuse service if we suspect you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
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